How to embroider

...without needle and thread. A poor description in bad English, the only way I want it!
Why you may wonder, I say why not?

First, select a word of wisdom, or figure one out yourself. Enter the text in Photoshop which in this case is about wisdom and mistakes. Chose a font,  I used Segoe Script. Then do a "wall hanging" of a white rectangle on an seperate layer and add shade. Steal a picture with embroidered flowers, just Google the word "embroider". Do some adjustments with brightness and contrast. Cut out the flowers of your choise and paste them into an new layer . Add together all the layers and use liquify tool to get a softer form. Now it's time for a new theft, use the keyword "nails" and in this case I found a red pin. Copy it into two and use them to hang the "wall hanging" on the pretend "wall".
That's it!

My works so far; här och här.
Note; If you have committed an image theft, it's polite to describe where you found it using the link to the picture.
In this case The embrodery and Pin

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